The Portable E-Cig Charger

Uses your Smartphone to
Charge your Dead E-Cig

Compatible with JUUL vaporizers

MSRP $15
Wholesale $7

  • Great Margins for Shops
  • High Quality Cable Construction
  • Beautiful Packaging & Display
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Fast Shipping in the USA

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E-Cig Users Can Now Recharge When They Need it Most:
When They're Out!

What's an E-Cig user's biggest problem, you ask? A dead device, especially when out and about. Finding an outlet is virtually impossible, and those portable charging batteries are very expensive and super bulky. Why go down that road when there's a better solution out there? I mean, we already carry the most sophisticated battery in the world with us everywhere we go: Our Smartphones.

JUUgo is a small cable that uses the Smartphone's battery to recharge JUUL vaporizers. They work with iPhones, iPads, Androids (USB C) and Androids (Micro USB) devices.

Customers love how the charge time is fast and the battery life taken from the smartphone is minimal (5-10%). They also love the compact design and how practical the solution is.

Shops and distributors love our margins as well as how easy it is to up-sell this product to shoppers buying pods or even new batteries. Our cable's quality, packaging and display makes this product the clear leader in the space.

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Power On-the-Go!

🛡 Safe and Easy to use with ANY Smartphone

🔋 Minimal Consumption of Smartphone Battery

⚡️ Fast Charging Solution for any E-Cig


💀 Never get stuck with a Dead E-Cig again

🔌 Never get stuck looking for an outlet or next to one

💼 Never carry a bulky power brick with you

Your E-Cig, Never Dead Again!

Get the charge your E-Cig needs anywhere JUU-GO!

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