Charge your JUUL vaporizer with your iPhone or Android?

This E-Cig Charger Technology already exists and it’s GREAT!

JUUL vaporizer chargers are small, sleek and will attach to any power brick with a USB port. They’re super cool in that they secure the JUUL vaporizer with a magnet, and stand your it up-right once connected.

Unfortunately, however, it seems that although JUUL vaporizer chargers are conveniently small to carry around, they still require a small USB plug to connect to, and worst of all, a POWER OUTLET!

This isn’t a problem when you’re at somebody’s house or if you have a JUUgo, but the second you’re out and about, and your E-Cig dies, the game changes completely.

The mission begins with lugging that chunky, pocket-bulging, plug that seems to rub absolutely everything you walk past leaving a permanent square fade mark on your jeans. While some people are into that, personally, I’m not.

Next step is finding the illusive power outlet. The camouflage used to hide these things in public spaces has to have been developed by a team of geniuses at MIT because not once have I found one.

So, let's say you find that outlet, pull that chunky-monkey plug and USB charger out of your pocket and get it charging- you just won, right? Yea… if you like being the freak standing against the wall by your device looking at it like a worried mom.

If this is your on-the-go charging solution, then I feel bad for you, son- but I need something better!

The people at JUUgo realized that carrying around an outlet plug, a JUUL vaporizer charging case, bulky power brick or an extra battery is an absolute pain in the @ss! They created a charger that uses the most powerful and sophisticated battery known to man to recharge your JUUL vaporizer- your iPhone or Android smartphone. It comes in your choice of Lightning, USB C or USB Micro, depending on your Smartphone’s charging port.

Check your pocket or your bag right now… what do most of us have in there? A smartphone, right? It’s already adding weight, taking up space, and in many cases, even leaving a large, rectangular outline on our pants. Are you telling me we also have to carry a clunky plug, oversized power brick or bulky charging case just to power a tiny, sleek vape pen?! What sense does that make?? Who approved that idea!?!?

Now, I know what you’re thinking… what about my battery life? What about my iPhone or Android Smartphone? Is this thing going to drain my phone or worse, is this going to damage my battery?

Just like you, I had the same concerns but surprisingly, the JUUgo poses virtually no threat to the powerful smartphone batteries of today. As a matter of fact, I was charging my JUUL while I waited for a drink at a bar and it only took about 3% of my iPhone’s battery.

I can easily leave my E-Cig charging in my pocket while I go about my day. Ladies, you can drop it in your purse or bag, even in a clutch big enough to hold your phone- it weighs nothing and conforms to virtually any space.

I’ve used it at the bar, the park, on the beach, in a restaurant- pretty much any time I walk out the door, I bring a JUUgo with me. Even on the couch… I'll have the phone resting on me while it charges my JUUL Vaporizer.

Finally, the price. These bulky power bricks and cases can easily run you $30-$70. The JUUgo Solo retails for $15 with Fast and FREE SHIPPING and if you know JUUgo, they’re always offering promo codes and discounts.

It’s finally here! A JUUL vaporizer charger that uses your iPhone or Android Smartphone battery to recharge your E-cig.

Get JUUgo!